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SEMrush Marketing Show – The Overview and all deets on upcoming Digital Marketing Show

In recent times, there has been an unexpected increase in digital marketing as every online business wishes to make themselves as prominent as possible for attracting a higher number of audiences or customers. Digital marketing can be thought of as a platform that helps various businesses in reaching their specific goals of generating profits. It was 2008 when digital marketing started flourishing, and a group of SEO experts and IT professionals thought of working towards a goal of making the online competition as fair and transparent as possible for providing equal opportunities to each individual through founding a startup ‘Semrush’…. Read More

Duplicate Content for eCommerce SEO – Solving Issues surrounding duplicate content on e-commerce site

Duplicate & low-quality content has become a common issue for E-commerce websites. And if it doesn’t handle appropriately then it gets worse. You possibly will end up replicating huge sections of your website without even knowing it, resulting in the degradation of your search engine visibility. Search engines now become more complicated, they are considering the websites with high quality and unique content for indexation. In this guide, we’ve dug into the duplicate content Issues usually found on an e-Commerce website. But initially, you need to understand what duplicate content is & why does it matter for your e-commerce website?… Read More

Airtel Platinum 3G is live now at Ahmedbad

We are talking about Digital India these days and the vast possibilities which it brings along. I have always emphasized on the fact that the world is highly digitized right now. Everybody is online and connected. This is the greatest factor which makes information sharing faster than what it was a decade back. It is also important to have a medium that acts both as a platform and a superfast connection for people to access the digital information. Well, to be honest, Gujarat is speeding up to catch up with the mobile generation. From the youth to the retired, from… Read More