36+ Important Digital Marketing Facts, You Should Be Aware Of


Running the marketing campaigns since long? But good results yet! So, did check the stats and figures before starting work on project. This where, most of the marketers makes mistakes.  How these stats and facts of Digital Marketing impacts, here we figure out-

Statistics of Content on Internet


  1. In 2013, the trends marketing preference and trend has changed at a drastic speed.  There has been 15% increase of ‘content’, as in this new phase more than links, a compelling and useful content has gain important. So as the fruitful trends of Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing is buzzing all around.
  2. Look, on checking out the ratios and actual figures, we found 62% of companies outsource their content marketing campaign to the creative agency in order to make their content rich and sound well for readers.
  3. Upon that 38% of the companies forms a great content strategy report and measure them properly
  4. It will be surprising for you after knowing that 27million pieces of Contents are shared each day.
  5. Now let’s check the stats about how this content goes viral. 79% of marketers use article publication as a method. 76% of content gets viral and promoted effective via Social Media. 65% content rules and reaches to readers via Blogs. 63% of content  gets spread in form or Newsletter. The most important, the outstanding theme of service or any product gets launched and exposed to audience is via Video, ie. By 52%.

 Digital Marketing

  1. When we say about Digital Marketing, it covers all sort marketing or promotions you do for your brand online. Now, let’s see how digital marketing has impacted in terms of stats.
  2. 87% of marketers do their Content Distribution actively and successfully via Social Media. Most of people have this wrong impression that social media is just consist of few famous social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. which is not right. There are tons of other social networking sites which are used to promote content effectively.
  3. 57% of Marketers trusts that the huge advantage of abundant qualified data on web is the best way to gain good profit in terms of conversion rates as well as branding.
  4. This really amazing me, that the ROI of Content Marketing raised upto 3 X 100% which is 300% over the last 3 years. That’s something called real marketing.
  5. Also, it is traced that 50% of Business will use Marketing Automation by 2015 but of course with personal touch to their activities.
  6. A big advantage of content marketing is that it is 31% cheaper than paid search advertisement.


  1. Before proceeding with email marketing, it is must to know about the target audience otherwise the entire email campaign turns to hell.
  2. About 12% of people uses split Work and Personal Email Inboxes, which is important to take care as we must shoot the email as per their preference.
  3. And the big figure is that 80.8% of users report reading email on their mobile devices. So the email quality and content matters more due of increasing mobile users.

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  1. SEO was too much about keywords and links, but it should now more of Relationship link building using keywords in better way. Let’s find how  SEO stats help to improve your strategy and what should be Link Building Strategies 2014
  2. How I or you experience the web? Ofcourse via Google! Hence, 93% of online experiences start by performing search and using search engine. Just a quick Googling! Yo!
  3. Do you know, 131 Billion+ searches are conducted per month on web via. Search engines, so its huge usage of internet rather than other offline sources.
  4. Generally, the SEO methods includes 93% of Keywords, 81% of Title Bags, 67% of Url Structure, which again important and cannot be ignored, and 59% External Link Building. This was the stats following in 2013.
  5. It is fact that 75% of users don’t scroll and checkout for other more results on first page, as they most target on the information they get on first page.
  6. Also, 70-80% of people ignore PPC Advertisement, which we marketer hardly research about before spending money on PPC or running the campaign.
  7. The user on web generally perfect simplified, detailed and well formatted data. Thus, 70% of link search users clicks are organic.
  8. 67% of marketers use free web analytics solutions, which is sometimes, recommended to get various stats and compare in order form better plot for marketing.
  9. It is interesting for organizations or companies that have blog are 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links than companies don’t have blog. So blogging is your well-wisher.

Impacts Of Social Media

  1. Social Media is on hikes now! There are n number of usabilities and roles in any business of social media. Coming to the stats, 2.4 Billion+ Internet users and it is increasing at lightenting speed  are very active on Social Media.
  2. And, when we talk about from the whole figure, 51% active social media users are from India % Indonesia.
  3. Social media is such dynamic platform for users as well as brands and the very important thing is that social media saves your bucks than any other promotion tactics.
  4. But the stats of social media keep changing every next minutes. Well, Brazil is the 3rd largest country users active on G+ in the world.


  1. It’s an era of Mobiles, and so the completion among every part of marketing increase as the users are more and more attracted to mobile for internet.
  2. In an year, about 132% search is done via mobiles in 2013, which is big percentage comparing the searches of last few years.
  3. 34% plus of users go online via mobiles.
  4. About 13-20% of global traffic is generated via mobiles and again it is increasing very fast due to new tech mobiles coming market.
  5. If we talk about mobiles, we cannot ignore various mobile Apps. Yes, 65% of mobile users spend their time on using Apps, which includes Games Apps, Productive Apps, Social Apps etc.
  6. With such an dynamic stats, 50% of marketers planned and started even to go for mobile marketing in this year.

So, seems the stats would help you to sharpen and make your Digital Marketing Strategy better and better for coming year. Soon will be sharing how you can plan your make your Digital Marketing Strategy in 2014. Stay tuned!

ZenDay, Best Productive app of 2013, Have forward thinking for Tasks, To-do, Calendar


Being an Android Mobile owner, I love to check various apps which can help me to improve my productivity, while checking Google Play, I found one more awesome productivity app which can help me to manage my Task, To-do and Calendar. The app called “ZenDay” is rated as one of the best apps of 2013 by Google Play.

 ZenDay is designed and developed by MobiSysteme. MobiSysteme is also having other apps called Google Tasks for ZenDay, ZenDay: Evernote sync. Both apps are paid version by MobiSysteme.

Visual Timeline makes this outstanding from other calendar apps. You can watch your time like GPS as well as you can check your productivity week by week. Week by week productivity checking tool make this app interesting as you can compare your productivity of last week to this week and so on so forth.

There are three main features of this app are as follows.


ZenDay-full-phone-integrationIf you are bored with your traditional timeline calendar then you should check ZenDay app at lease once.  The 3D calendar view with intuitive input style. Of course this app will give you necessary reminders based on your task list. This app will also automatically highlight your priority task and help you to save your time.

One more good feature this app is having that if you need to call someone at the particular time you just need to save details with his/her contact details. You can easily call at a particular time with just a click away.


ZenDay-Sync-with-your-calendarsYou can note all your to-do list and not only you can note that but also priorities all the task. ZenDay syncs will help you to sync data with all your calendars including Google Calendar, Facebook etc.

You can simply float timeline and post task based on your time priorities. If you have something to-do in the future then you also can set an alert for future.

Improve Yourself

ZenDay-Take-ControlSet priorities and be more productive. Want to Self evaluate about your time and task ? Don’t worry this app will help you debrief your weekly tasks. You can check this and evaluate yourself and manage your time better.

This apps 3D view will help you to prioritize your task and make your life much easier than ever before.

Use this great app for having a Zen effect on your mind and you can improve productivity, peace of mind and always manage your task priorities.

Link Building is Old School, Do Relationship building

Relationship-Link – Building

[dropcap]Are you[/dropcap] still building spamming links via old school Link- building methods? Let me tell you, the tactics which are gotten followed since a decade.  So, it has become very difficult for SEOs to perform ‘Link-Building’ as the control over the links are not now not in their hands anymore! It is a true fact because –

  • The Links generated from ‘Directories’ are not much effective.Relationship-Link – Building
  • Paid links are risky and tough to cover up.
  • Site networks are easy to catch, etc.
  • And most of Press Release links are nofollowed and will not impact on Google Rankings.

So now, what can be done to get rich and real authority links? As we are left with not any other option, we have to again return to the real public over the web. We actually got suggestions and recommendations from the real people only, so now let’s learns how we can get authorized links.

Don’t do Link-Building, but do Relationship Building

It is actually a bit difficult for spammers. As things and even search is now personalized, it is very important that the content which is optimized and comes in the search results should be useful to people.  Hence, if your content is useful to the person who made the search about the subjective your product or service is, then there starts customer’s and brand relation. Now, as he /she will like the stuff you have there, he will save or bookmark or remember your link. Next time when he will make the search, first of all he will check out the information on your website. So , he will be starting interacting with brand and this can turn to amazing customer or the brand relationship with building natural (real) links too.

Once traffic will increase, you can give rewards as an ebook , ask them for subscription, send them useful information, ask for ratings, and much more.

Be available everywhere socially and technically

Most of us have all our social or blog or community accounts linked with each other. And it is very much recommended to link all your social account. But it is not recommended to share all the automatically content. You must add your manual content with the link which you wanted to share. Automated responses are very less attractive compare to the content you manually add.  That one or two liner content which manually add must be in the format of your suggestion, views or perception or comment with the subjective title and #hashtag. This will lead to generally natural and quality link. This can again help you to quickly get gazed ethically within the search results. When you want to create good ORM and public relations, invest your 20% of time to give solutions to your customers or client. Connect as many communities, and channels you can. And keep yourself updated.

Perform Great, and let your peers talk about you

It is very important if people talking or review about you or brand on public forums, blogs, or open discussion or the best on social media platforms. Again here a natural and quality link will be formed with great testimonial. It is important to use right and such tools which are actually useful to build great online reputation and of course a powerful relationship link-building. Here are few recommended

  • LinkedIn – you can get good second-tier relationship in communities or group related to your product or company.
  • Topsy – you can get many influences, who will find your content useful and will interact with it.
  • Commun.it – Here you will find people, who are seeking and influence you building good interactions.
  • Twiangulate –  You can determine media influential contacts as per your niche interests (with specific demographics and location)
  • Tweekdeck – Great tool to keep your eye on all quick updates.

So, hopefully, the amazingly beautiful concept of Active Relationship Link building is very clear, to all. This method is not just link building, but it is very like earning quality and natural link. Still, if anyone has any suggestions or question about it, kindly comment and do ask.

7 Practical ways to use Google Plus as Traffic Generator for your site

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen you have immense of authentic knowledge about your business and you have an outstanding website with complete information .  To educate about the set of useful information about your products to the  targeted audience is very much important. Now, as per current online marketing methods, marketers prefer to go ‘social’ and be direct to customer or their targeted audience. So when it comes to social media, generally, facebook, twitter and Linkedin popups in everyone’s mind. But the business mans or marketing managers, if  wanted to rock their business to rock online and wants great number sales  via niche traffic on their respective websites, they must not ignore one of the fastest growing and very useful Google’s social media platform ie. Google+.

Google Plus for Traffic

Google+ is designed in such way that it is efficient platform for personalization, networking, and effective online marketing.  Digital Marketing Experts recommend G+ highly for generating niche traffic and good social engagement. But very few marketers are aware about how they can get such a great traffic from Google+ and what can be done to process!

Let’s discuss Top Tips to drive traffic from G+.

1)      Proper Profile Set up & Completion

It is very important to complete the profile with appropriate information.  To validate your or your business’s information a genuine and sorted descriptions should be added to your profile.

  • Add headshot Profile Photo or for brand page add 250 X 250 pixels Brand Logo. Also cover photo is equally important as it cover major part of profile page when any one overview your complete profile.
  • Add a decent, point to point tag line and introduction about yourself, which  should be  designed with  relevant keywords describing you or your business.
  • Complete your basic information (contact details, address, email Id, website, birthday date, etc).
  • Do mention your rewards and achievements in Bragging rights.
  • It is very important to add the other social media links and website links where you contribute the date or information, which actually helps you. If you have a blog or any piece, where you regularly update your new content then link it with your Google+
  • Plus. It is called Authourship, and it will help you to increase your Google Authour Rank.

2)      Find People & Develop Your G+ Circle

In Google + more people should follow you than the number of people you follow. In this way, you will gain more traffic, as more people will be able to see, engage and sharing the information you will share on your wall/timeline.  Make sure you follow the people or brands which are related to your business or interested in your business.

3)      Post Relevant & Valuable Content

Content is the ‘King’. Hence, it is prominent to post valuable, non-spammy and useful content. It should not be too much of links, repetitive keyword stuffing or excessive hashtags. In any Google+ post there should not be more than 2-3 hashtags. Post information which is related to your product and recent updates.  For sales pitch in your content, be very clear and specific with call to actions link within the few posts.

4)      Engage Within Your Circles

Engagement with more and more number of people within your circle will  generates the opportunity for your to be in interaction with many people and build relations. In this way, your circle with grow and it will ultimately generate traffic on your website.  You can  +1 the posts you like or appreciate; share other’s status or information, comment on posts and Q& A. Also, you can mention them by ‘+’ or [email protected] in your post or comments. This way, you can generate natural and quality links.

5)      Be A Part of Google+ Communities

Communities are always been very useful offline or online. Specifically, Google + Communities helps the business to get showcase and increase the interaction among niche communities with relevant people.  It helps you to share your information, get recent updates about  your business, and also you get unique ideas to develop your brand.  You can join as many as communities and also can create your own communities and share the stuffs as per relevant topic.

6)      Do Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts is an amazing feature, which make your work reduce and connects your or your brand with the people socially. There is two kinds of hangout, :

1)      Google+ Hangout, which is similar like Google chats but with some advanced way and better user experience than Gtalk chats.

2)      Google + Hangout on Air, which means that broadcasting yourself live via Google+ on Youtube (It automatically records and upload on Youtube and make it live). You can conduct many conferences, meetings, and webinars free.

7)      Visual Content ie. Images, GIFs Animations ad Videos or Movies

To make your post authentic, well nurtured, useful and attractive for users’ content is most important but more than text content visual content is epoch to drive attraction of visitors or readers. You also can try Google Plus Photo & Video Editing Features for better results.

If you use Google+ actively and looking to generate traffic on your website than consider your Google+ social layer platform is vital for you to grow your business.  You can share your tips with us comment under the blog. Also, share with us if you have any queries. Enjoy the amazing Tips.

Enhance new Google Plus Photo and Video Editing Features

Google has made our life very easy on Internet. Hence half of the world’s population recognized internet with the snap of home page of Google in their mind.  Google has created such an extraordinary and superb impact on very everyone in the world. In 2009, the trend of ‘Being Social’ came into existence and many social platforms got highlighted. So, after understanding the nature of search results, search type, data and content over the web, Google also went social with an amazing social media platform, introducing the fabulous Google+ in 2011. Google described it as ‘social layer’. Currently till October 2013, it has 540 million users, which is very quick growth.


To make Google better by including you, your relationships and your interests, Google+ project was started. Today, this social media platform has become very important for any business sector, people, marketers, and of course Google too.  Since it launched, Google + came under many changes, and upgrades as per user experience and usability.  It gives more important to visually content, as users or any layman get entertainment and appreciates photos, video (or movies), animated graphics than text content.  Hence, recently Google plus has added new Photo & Video Editing features, which is just so Awesome.  These features are configured with new functionality which completely compatible with Iproducts like Imovie and IPhoto.  Let’s highlight these features, so that you can use it well and get great user experience.

New Video Editing

Google+ has extended online video editing tools, by now trendy photo editing app in a new version called Auto Awesome Movie.  It’s like most frequently used IMovie, Auto Awesome Movie can accumulate various effects like video sequences, add a soundtrack and even offers a variety of styles and filters.

Outstanding Photo Editing

You know, Google+ has got many new editing features which can compete with the high level Apple’s IPhoto.  It has quick editing functions as auto-enhance. Now the really awesome Auto Awesome allows users to create animated GIFs and all in one sequence photo from a serious of your image collections.

Better Photo Search

Google keeps on changing the photo search algorithm into Google+ photo search.  It actually helps to get the better photo search results not only of yours, but as well as of your friends, and communities.

Today around 400 million users are actively using Google+, as it is second largest social media platform, the gradual growth of active users is increasing. Google keep on updating many new features to make User Experience better and better. So to have such experience, get started with your G+ account and try out the new amazingly awesome editing tools today.

5 Best WordPress Community theme with BuddyPress and bbPress


We all know that WordPress is not limited to blogging platform but now WordPress is best choice for CMS. You can use WordPress for Blogging platform, Corporate Site, Job Site and various other purposes.

You might be thinking Can we use WordPress for Community site ? And If yes we can then How we should use WordPress as Community Platform. The answer is of course we can use WordPress as Community Platform there are themes available which can help you to build a community site which Forum, Members, Groups and many more things along with your Blog or Multi Author blog too. BuddyPress and bbPress are products by Automatic Inc.

BuddyPress is an awesome product for making Social Network for your niche and you can use bbPress for Forum software again by the creator of WordPress.

Themes for WordPress Social / Community site with bbPress and BuddyPress

Check some awesome themes which you can use for making Social Networking site or Community site.

OneCommunity – BuddyPress Theme


OneCommunity is an awesome time with awesome integration with bbPress as well as BuddyPress. This theme is having 40+ different page layout for various internal pages. You can choose 9 color various for your community site while using this theme.  You can have Forums, Friends, Activity List, Blog, Community etc. in this theme. Check out OneCommunity – BuddyPress Theme Demo.

Salutation Responsive WordPress + BuddyPress Theme


As the title suggested this is a responsive theme with Community integration. This theme is having really good homepage layout which gives a clear call to action for all visitors. Using this theme you can have fully functional community site/portal along with your regular blog. Check Salutation Demo

Cinematix – BuddyPress Theme


While you were having 9 color options with OneCommunity theme you can enjoy 10 color options with Cinematrix theme. This theme is having fully integrated with bbPress and also with BuddyPress too. If you are planning to have a community site for Film Lovers or School/Collage Group or for a matter your sports team, this theme is the best option for you. Check Cinematrix theme demo

PowerMag: The Most Muscular Magazine/Reviews Theme


Looking for Magazine style community theme for your upcoming project? You must choose PowerMag theme for it. You also use this theme as Review site too. This community theme is retina ready responsive with SEO features. This theme also comes with some inbuilt premium plugin. You can use flexible layout for your social networking community site and your site will be different from others. PowerMag Theme Demo

Xphoria – BuddyPress Theme


One more theme for community site is Xphoria. This is having very unique layout which make your site pretty interesting. This site is responsive with BuddyPress and bbPress integration. You can use various BuddyPress exertion with the theme. Having 40+ various inner page makes this interesting theme. Check Xphoria Theme Demo

Following Table will help you quick check about mentioning them.

[ready-pricing-tables id=19]

Did you like this theme? What are your comments on this?