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7 Common SEO Mistakes, You should avoid it

SEO or search engine optimization is a technique used by people to increase their website ranking to make it visible to more users. Google and other search engines are majorly focusing on quality to make sure that the users get relevant and good result when looking for information. This makes SEO very important and here are some mistakes that people commonly make because they are not aware it.

Poor Keyword Selection

Common-SEO-MistakesSelecting keyword is the first and the most important step when it comes to optimization. Mostly when we plan to do SEO for our website we select words that we like and feel that might attract others too. But, this is not true. Something you feel is good for you may not be that important for others. Before selecting keywords you must make proper search and then make sure that your selection is relevant to your content.

Corwded keyword

Most people feel that keyword is very important for optimizing and they keep using it again and again. This is the most common mistake that most of us do, but the truth is that keyword is the backbone when you think about increasing web ranking, but its overuse might have adverse effect. If the mistake is once or twice then the mistake will just effect your position, but if it is repeated then there is a chance that the search engine will penalize you and also blacklist your site permanently.


After the panda and penguin issue Google has become very strict about content quality and its originality. Whatever you write to improve the ranking of the site must not be available anywhere when the Google scrolls. There was a time when people used to just copy paste information from various sites and promoted their site, but now is the world of uniqueness. Your content must be original with proper use of keyword so that it is visible to the users.

Cross Linking

This is the best way of promoting. You can add relevant link in your content so that when the search engine scrolls, it will know that your site has everything that is important for the users. You also check Link Building Strategies 2014


Title plays a very vital role when it comes to SEO. Normally when people promote some brand they use it in the title. But that does not help increase ranking. Many people must be aware of your brand or companies name. The title that you select must reflect the USP of your company or site.


Your page must be tagged properly because Google will know about the content available in your page through the tags. Most of the people confuse tag with the title. Tags are words that will show up on the top of your browser when saved.

Decide on the Subject

If you plan to optimize your site then make sure that the content is based on the USP of your website. Many people write content on various subjects, but that is just personal blogging. You cannot increase web ranking by writing on various subject. For example, if you have a SEO firm then the website must have different topics on SEO, like its importance, mistakes, how you can promote your website etc.

So what your take on this ? Did I miss anything ? Just in case if you want to admit then let me update if you commit anyone of  them in past.

5 Google Search queries You should try right now

Google is so part of our life that we are searching almost all the things over the Google search engine, of course apart from lost keys. Did you ever think about your life without Google?

Do you know that users from more than 180 Countries are searching on Google in 145+ languages? Yeah, isn’t it cool? This shows how much Google is penetrating in everyone’s life. Check some more Facts about Google and also check 36+ Digital Marketing Facts

You search everything on Google Including Your Name to whatever product or service you are looking for but I can assure you that out of following list you might not tried some searches yet. So do you want to see some magic while searching over Google?

List of Awesome Search results on Google


1. Turn your Google search in to the Game

Did you Surprise to see Title? Even I was surprised when I search this first time. But what did I search? Go to Google Image Search box and type “Atari Breakout” and you will the magic. This will convert images as bricks and you can play it with your direction keys.

2. Clean the Search screen in style

Did you get bored with search results? Never mind, search with “Zerg rush” in Google it will, they will eat your search results. Sounds interesting? You should check following video for better visual result or you also can search this in Google.


3. Apply “six degrees of separation” theory for Kevin Bacon

Did you hear about “six degrees of separation” theory yet? Well, this theory says everyone is just Six steps or less than Six steps away from each other, you might have Friend of Friend or any other way to connect with people just in Six steps.

So what about Kevin Bacon? Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon were started as Game in which you need to connect any Hollywood celebrity with Kevin Bacon just in Six steps. Based on this Idea, Google launch search results for Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

You just need to search something like “Amitabh Bachchan Bacon number” and you will have result that how Amitabh Bachhan is connected to Kevin Bacon, the number shows that he is how many steps far from Kevin.

And the result says “Amitabh Bachchan’s Bacon number is 2 “ and Connection with Amitabh and Kevin goes via Helena Bonham Carter. Isn’t it amazing search string?

Amitabh Bachchan and Helena Bonham Carter appeared in Shantaram.

Helena Bonham Carter and Kevin Bacon appeared in Novocaine.

4.  Spin search screen

If you got bored with your regular search queries then you should turn your search screen spin. I know you are feeling “Yeah, Cool Idea”, so what you need to do? Just search with “do a barrel roll” and see the magic.

5. Tilt your Search Screen

 Want some neck exercise? Try to search work “Tilt” in Google and see your screen is going in sloping position. You need to turn your neck to read it better.

 So Did you enjoyed these all search types? How many of this you heard first time ?

36+ Important Digital Marketing Facts, You Should Be Aware Of

Running the marketing campaigns since long? But good results yet! So, did check the stats and figures before starting work on project. This where, most of the marketers makes mistakes.  How these stats and facts of Digital Marketing impacts, here we figure out-

Statistics of Content on Internet


  1. In 2013, the trends marketing preference and trend has changed at a drastic speed.  There has been 15% increase of ‘content’, as in this new phase more than links, a compelling and useful content has gain important. So as the fruitful trends of Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing is buzzing all around.
  2. Look, on checking out the ratios and actual figures, we found 62% of companies outsource their content marketing campaign to the creative agency in order to make their content rich and sound well for readers.
  3. Upon that 38% of the companies forms a great content strategy report and measure them properly
  4. It will be surprising for you after knowing that 27million pieces of Contents are shared each day.
  5. Now let’s check the stats about how this content goes viral. 79% of marketers use article publication as a method. 76% of content gets viral and promoted effective via Social Media. 65% content rules and reaches to readers via Blogs. 63% of content  gets spread in form or Newsletter. The most important, the outstanding theme of service or any product gets launched and exposed to audience is via Video, ie. By 52%.

 Digital Marketing

  1. When we say about Digital Marketing, it covers all sort marketing or promotions you do for your brand online. Now, let’s see how digital marketing has impacted in terms of stats.
  2. 87% of marketers do their Content Distribution actively and successfully via Social Media. Most of people have this wrong impression that social media is just consist of few famous social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. which is not right. There are tons of other social networking sites which are used to promote content effectively.
  3. 57% of Marketers trusts that the huge advantage of abundant qualified data on web is the best way to gain good profit in terms of conversion rates as well as branding.
  4. This really amazing me, that the ROI of Content Marketing raised upto 3 X 100% which is 300% over the last 3 years. That’s something called real marketing.
  5. Also, it is traced that 50% of Business will use Marketing Automation by 2015 but of course with personal touch to their activities.
  6. A big advantage of content marketing is that it is 31% cheaper than paid search advertisement.


  1. Before proceeding with email marketing, it is must to know about the target audience otherwise the entire email campaign turns to hell.
  2. About 12% of people uses split Work and Personal Email Inboxes, which is important to take care as we must shoot the email as per their preference.
  3. And the big figure is that 80.8% of users report reading email on their mobile devices. So the email quality and content matters more due of increasing mobile users.

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  1. SEO was too much about keywords and links, but it should now more of Relationship link building using keywords in better way. Let’s find how  SEO stats help to improve your strategy and what should be Link Building Strategies 2014
  2. How I or you experience the web? Ofcourse via Google! Hence, 93% of online experiences start by performing search and using search engine. Just a quick Googling! Yo!
  3. Do you know, 131 Billion+ searches are conducted per month on web via. Search engines, so its huge usage of internet rather than other offline sources.
  4. Generally, the SEO methods includes 93% of Keywords, 81% of Title Bags, 67% of Url Structure, which again important and cannot be ignored, and 59% External Link Building. This was the stats following in 2013.
  5. It is fact that 75% of users don’t scroll and checkout for other more results on first page, as they most target on the information they get on first page.
  6. Also, 70-80% of people ignore PPC Advertisement, which we marketer hardly research about before spending money on PPC or running the campaign.
  7. The user on web generally perfect simplified, detailed and well formatted data. Thus, 70% of link search users clicks are organic.
  8. 67% of marketers use free web analytics solutions, which is sometimes, recommended to get various stats and compare in order form better plot for marketing.
  9. It is interesting for organizations or companies that have blog are 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links than companies don’t have blog. So blogging is your well-wisher.

Impacts Of Social Media

  1. Social Media is on hikes now! There are n number of usabilities and roles in any business of social media. Coming to the stats, 2.4 Billion+ Internet users and it is increasing at lightenting speed  are very active on Social Media.
  2. And, when we talk about from the whole figure, 51% active social media users are from India % Indonesia.
  3. Social media is such dynamic platform for users as well as brands and the very important thing is that social media saves your bucks than any other promotion tactics.
  4. But the stats of social media keep changing every next minutes. Well, Brazil is the 3rd largest country users active on G+ in the world.


  1. It’s an era of Mobiles, and so the completion among every part of marketing increase as the users are more and more attracted to mobile for internet.
  2. In an year, about 132% search is done via mobiles in 2013, which is big percentage comparing the searches of last few years.
  3. 34% plus of users go online via mobiles.
  4. About 13-20% of global traffic is generated via mobiles and again it is increasing very fast due to new tech mobiles coming market.
  5. If we talk about mobiles, we cannot ignore various mobile Apps. Yes, 65% of mobile users spend their time on using Apps, which includes Games Apps, Productive Apps, Social Apps etc.
  6. With such an dynamic stats, 50% of marketers planned and started even to go for mobile marketing in this year.

So, seems the stats would help you to sharpen and make your Digital Marketing Strategy better and better for coming year. Soon will be sharing how you can plan your make your Digital Marketing Strategy in 2014. Stay tuned!