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How to Get Your Site to Rank Well on Search Engines

Search engine optimization has become a process that is as much art as it is science. We have a basic idea of what can help us rank better, but the search engines guard their ranking factors quite closely. Google, for example, will tell us that high-quality content is necessary to improve the page rank. When it comes to the exact keyword percentages, though, Google is close-lipped.

Search engines do this to make it harder for spammy websites to manipulate the system. Their reluctance to share more information is understandable, but that doesn’t help legitimate businesses trying to get the best SERP. As a result, SEO is something of a trial and error process – you learn as you go along.

Now, there is a lot of information online, but not all of it is reputable. That’s why we recommend this awesome infographic for getting more data on how to rank in 2019!

The infographic has been well-researched and will give you a basic understanding of SEO and how it has evolved. You’ll get a grounding in the topic, along with actionable tips on what works for modern SEO and what doesn’t.

In this post, we look at the ranking factors that we know about and how to hack those to get the best results for your site. Are you ready to learn more?

Page Speed

Google has been open about the fact that fast-loading sites get preference in terms of SERP, especially on mobile devices. However, it doesn’t tell us how fast our sites should load. According to HubSpot, 47% of visitors expect a site to load within two seconds or less, and one second delay could reduce page views by as much as 11%.

page speed

How do you improve load times? By keeping your site’s file size as small as possible. That fancily animated banner might look cool, but it could do more harm than good if it takes too long to load. Images and videos on the site can also bulk it up considerably.

Check the file size of each image. You can reduce this considerably by saving the photo at a lower resolution or by making its dimensions smaller. Experiment with different sizes and resolutions so that you get the best balance between size and the quality of the image.

High-Quality Content

Longer form content indicates to search engines that a post is more informative. It also keeps readers on your site for longer, which, incidentally, is another the ranking factors. Aim to impress your readers with content by making it valuable to them and crafting it perfectly.

High-quality content helps to establish your company as an expert in the field, so this is an investment worth making on many different levels.

Backlink Profile

A few years ago, if you wanted to boost your ranking, you would make efforts get as many sites to link to yours as possible. Things have changed a lot since then. Search engines now also judge the quality of the sites linking to your site.


The problem with this is that if a spammy, low-quality site links to your site, the association will penalize you. That is why it is essential to be more careful when building backlinks. Whenever it’s possible, build backlinks with authority sites.

It’s also good practice to check which sites have linked to yours regularly. If you find a spammy site linking through to your site, then you should ask your Webmaster to remove the link.

Bounce Rate

We’ve discussed this a little when we were talking about the content on your site and your page speed. The site content is not the only factor that determines the bounce rate, though. The bounce rate refers to how long someone stays on your site.

If they click through and then immediately click away, the search engine will assume that the site was less credible. The algorithm assumes that the click-away was either a result of poor site quality or that the short description in the results was inaccurate.

Bounce Rate

Either way, the result is the same — your site will rank lower. Reduce the chances of this happening by using great content and always making sure that any snippets displayed in results are an accurate reflection of the page.

You should also spend time simplifying the layout of your pages. Make sure that they look clean and uncluttered and that text is broken up into subheadings.

Click-Through Rate

Another thing that search engines use to determine how relevant results are is the click-through rate. If people are not clicking through to your site from the results, it is seen as an indication that the site was not relevant to the search.

That’s why you need to ensure that you work well on any snippets that might be displayed. Make sure that they are interesting, well-written, and accurate.

Use Images

The first impression is the last impression. When it comes to how impressive your site is at first glance, images play a vital role. Choose great images that will capture the attention of visitors, but make sure that the file size is as small as possible.

Use Long-Tailed Keywords

With voice search starting to take off, the value of using single keywords has begun to lessen. People are more likely to use full phrases when conducting a voice search. Also, since search engines have become more adept at understanding the context of queries, the importance of individual keywords has diminished.

Work out some phrases that people might use when looking for your product and start incorporating those into your site.

Final Notes

Improving your search engine ranking is more difficult than it used to be. Search engines can more easily work out which sites have high-value content and which do not. Your best long-term strategy, therefore, should be to create a site and content that is high-quality.

7 Common SEO Mistakes, You should avoid it

SEO or search engine optimization is a technique used by people to increase their website ranking to make it visible to more users. Google and other search engines are majorly focusing on quality to make sure that the users get relevant and good result when looking for information. This makes SEO very important and here are some mistakes that people commonly make because they are not aware it.

Poor Keyword Selection

Common-SEO-MistakesSelecting keyword is the first and the most important step when it comes to optimization. Mostly when we plan to do SEO for our website we select words that we like and feel that might attract others too. But, this is not true. Something you feel is good for you may not be that important for others. Before selecting keywords you must make proper search and then make sure that your selection is relevant to your content.

Corwded keyword

Most people feel that keyword is very important for optimizing and they keep using it again and again. This is the most common mistake that most of us do, but the truth is that keyword is the backbone when you think about increasing web ranking, but its overuse might have adverse effect. If the mistake is once or twice then the mistake will just effect your position, but if it is repeated then there is a chance that the search engine will penalize you and also blacklist your site permanently.


After the panda and penguin issue Google has become very strict about content quality and its originality. Whatever you write to improve the ranking of the site must not be available anywhere when the Google scrolls. There was a time when people used to just copy paste information from various sites and promoted their site, but now is the world of uniqueness. Your content must be original with proper use of keyword so that it is visible to the users.

Cross Linking

This is the best way of promoting. You can add relevant link in your content so that when the search engine scrolls, it will know that your site has everything that is important for the users. You also check Link Building Strategies 2014


Title plays a very vital role when it comes to SEO. Normally when people promote some brand they use it in the title. But that does not help increase ranking. Many people must be aware of your brand or companies name. The title that you select must reflect the USP of your company or site.


Your page must be tagged properly because Google will know about the content available in your page through the tags. Most of the people confuse tag with the title. Tags are words that will show up on the top of your browser when saved.

Decide on the Subject

If you plan to optimize your site then make sure that the content is based on the USP of your website. Many people write content on various subjects, but that is just personal blogging. You cannot increase web ranking by writing on various subject. For example, if you have a SEO firm then the website must have different topics on SEO, like its importance, mistakes, how you can promote your website etc.

So what your take on this ? Did I miss anything ? Just in case if you want to admit then let me update if you commit anyone of  them in past.

Link Building is Old School, Do Relationship building

[dropcap]Are you[/dropcap] still building spamming links via old school Link- building methods? Let me tell you, the tactics which are gotten followed since a decade.  So, it has become very difficult for SEOs to perform ‘Link-Building’ as the control over the links are not now not in their hands anymore! It is a true fact because –

  • The Links generated from ‘Directories’ are not much effective.Relationship-Link – Building
  • Paid links are risky and tough to cover up.
  • Site networks are easy to catch, etc.
  • And most of Press Release links are nofollowed and will not impact on Google Rankings.

So now, what can be done to get rich and real authority links? As we are left with not any other option, we have to again return to the real public over the web. We actually got suggestions and recommendations from the real people only, so now let’s learns how we can get authorized links.

Don’t do Link-Building, but do Relationship Building

It is actually a bit difficult for spammers. As things and even search is now personalized, it is very important that the content which is optimized and comes in the search results should be useful to people.  Hence, if your content is useful to the person who made the search about the subjective your product or service is, then there starts customer’s and brand relation. Now, as he /she will like the stuff you have there, he will save or bookmark or remember your link. Next time when he will make the search, first of all he will check out the information on your website. So , he will be starting interacting with brand and this can turn to amazing customer or the brand relationship with building natural (real) links too.

Once traffic will increase, you can give rewards as an ebook , ask them for subscription, send them useful information, ask for ratings, and much more.

Be available everywhere socially and technically

Most of us have all our social or blog or community accounts linked with each other. And it is very much recommended to link all your social account. But it is not recommended to share all the automatically content. You must add your manual content with the link which you wanted to share. Automated responses are very less attractive compare to the content you manually add.  That one or two liner content which manually add must be in the format of your suggestion, views or perception or comment with the subjective title and #hashtag. This will lead to generally natural and quality link. This can again help you to quickly get gazed ethically within the search results. When you want to create good ORM and public relations, invest your 20% of time to give solutions to your customers or client. Connect as many communities, and channels you can. And keep yourself updated.

Perform Great, and let your peers talk about you

It is very important if people talking or review about you or brand on public forums, blogs, or open discussion or the best on social media platforms. Again here a natural and quality link will be formed with great testimonial. It is important to use right and such tools which are actually useful to build great online reputation and of course a powerful relationship link-building. Here are few recommended

  • LinkedIn – you can get good second-tier relationship in communities or group related to your product or company.
  • Topsy – you can get many influences, who will find your content useful and will interact with it.
  • – Here you will find people, who are seeking and influence you building good interactions.
  • Twiangulate –  You can determine media influential contacts as per your niche interests (with specific demographics and location)
  • Tweekdeck – Great tool to keep your eye on all quick updates.

So, hopefully, the amazingly beautiful concept of Active Relationship Link building is very clear, to all. This method is not just link building, but it is very like earning quality and natural link. Still, if anyone has any suggestions or question about it, kindly comment and do ask.