7 Unusual Ways To Drive Traffic

Traffic is very important to increase the ranking and visibility of any site.  To make the site visible people mostly take the help of SEO and write content with keywords that are mostly searched. There can be cases when your content is good, has an eye catchy title and also popular well-crafted keyword but enough traffic is not coming into it then you need to try various other methods. Here are some simple yet unusual methods of pulling traffic.


Have Brand Ambassador


Every company has its own brand ambassador who is renowned and people know him/her by name. If you are writing content for the promotion of your site then along with the companies detail and its product you can write a few sentences about the person, mail him/her requesting to read whatever written. If you have a customer base or employees you can also send them an invitation and request them to read and spread the word of the content. This is promoting the website through word of mouth.

Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is also another way of driving traffic. You can write a comment in blogs that have relevant information and leave the link of your content behind requesting the blogger to read yours too. This will help in two ways, You can have a backlink fro the site you commented also if your comment is interesting or in some case controversial,  you might get more visitors from that comment.

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Twitter Clubs


Twitter cross-promotion is another hidden weapon to attract more traffic to the site. During the process, you can tweet on other’s posts and earn points which can be used for promoting your own content. You can also add followers and for doing this you need to follow them. You can also shout out and post status on your twitter page telling people that you have new content for them.

You can join some Twitter chats as well, when they are discussing something meaningful which related to your blog. Be active at these tweeter chats and you might drive more traffic from there too.

Email Signature


You can add the link of your content below your mail signature. By doing this any email you send, the receiver will see a link below your signature and out of curiosity would like to check what is there for him/her. check WiseStamp which might help you for email Signatures.

Word of Mouth

Love Me

Spreading your site with the word of mouth is the best and most effective way of driving traffic. You can speak and tell your friends, relatives, and anyone whom you meet about your site. Tell them it benefits so that they will come to see if what you conveyed to them is true. You can also speak about your site in seminars and press conference, which I am used to doing. You can check my presentations

Social Sites

Social Media

You can make good use of social media sites to drive traffic. You can be a part of communities, comment and share their posts on a regular basis so that when you add your link they also eagerly share it with others.  By doing this you can generate a massive amount of traffic.

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An early adopter of Technologies


There are also many free platforms where you can promote your site or content for free. For example, Instagram has a large number of followers. You can post a small video or picture here letting everybody know about you. You can also post an image on Pinterest. Pinterest has a work of pinning and re-pinning posts. You can like or re-pin other’s posts so that they also visit you and share your posts with others.

Did we miss anything creative way to drive traffic? Comment with your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “7 Unusual Ways To Drive Traffic”

  1. Hi Jaydip.

    You made this post quite interesting by adding relevant images. I loved it.

    Traffic is the biggest headache to survive in this online battlefield, so every blogger must learn the methods to drive traffic on his blog first.

    Commenting is one of the easiest way to get good traffic, backlinks, relation with author and subscribers so doing it effectively can really make a big difference.

    I am using email signature in all my mails and getting good brand promotion by sending replies to many emails a day.

    Thanks for teaching something unusual. 🙂

  2. Nice blog, according to me social media advertising is the best way to generate free traffic. So if anyone wants to generate relevant traffic, then use all social media channel in proper way and make your content shareable and attractive.

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