B2B marketing tips to jump-start your 2017 results

One of the first things that you need to do as a B2B enterprise in order to get the results that you want in 2017 is to make sure that you are dominating the search engine result pages (SERPs) in case of keywords that are relevant to the business that you are doing. When you can perform well with respect to high priority search queries and keywords you’ll be able to build an identity for your brand. A useful tool in this case can be a B2B email append service. You will also gain trust of your target audience and this will only add to your overall credibility.

Using Testing To Maximize Conversions

From each and every visitor that comes to your site you are getting an invaluable opportunity to learn, connect, and then convert that entity to a client. Quite often marketers make mistakes like jumping to offers involving a high degree of commitment or using no call to action and thus missing the mark totally. Testing the usability and optimization of conversion rates can be a complex affair indeed but it needn’t be as such. You should always start by using analytics and append services to understand the ways in which people are reacting to your content.

Capitalizing On Attribution Insights

As a B2B marketer, in all likelihood you are going to focus on driving the qualified leads that you feel will be good enough for your sales team. However, these are bottom-of-the-funnel stuff. You need to focus on the content and channels that are driving these prospective clients at the higher end of the funnel. If your sales cycle is a complex one it might take you around six to eight touch in order to generate a lead that is good enough for the sales team. You can always use the Multi-Channel Funnel reports of Google Analytics for this purpose. This will drive your digital marketing campaigns.


Integrating with the Sales Funnel

If you really want to understand the quality of leads that are coming from the various efforts being made by your marketing team in the best way possible then you need to use your customer relationship management (CRM) system in order to track the lead outcomes. This will help you get proper access to the whole thing and you would gain the level of visibility needed for a proper view of things. Google is integrating its applications Salesforce and AdWords and thus assisting B2B marketers to establish connections between leads and their online activity.

Using Call Tracking To Understand Total ROI

As far as B2B marketing is concerned a lot of the leads still come from phone calls. Quite often it is seen that leads coming from phone calls are more qualified and have a greater chance of making a commitment as opposed to ones who are procured through the World Wide Web. If you’re attempting to increase the qualified leads then it is always better to comprehend whether the qualified leads are coming through phone calls. In this case, you can gain the necessary insight by using call tracking technologies.


Airtel Platinum 3G is live now at Ahmedbad

We are talking about Digital India these days and the vast possibilities which it brings along.

I have always emphasized on the fact that the world is highly digitized right now. Everybody is online and connected. This is the greatest factor which makes information sharing faster than what it was a decade back. It is also important to have a medium that acts both as a platform and a superfast connection for people to access the digital information.

Well, to be honest, Gujarat is speeding up to catch up with the mobile generation. From the youth to the retired, from the first time mothers to first time female travelers, everyone is gearing up and is accessing information digitally.

One such medium is the mobile network. Since, almost half of the internet users access internet from their smartphones, it is but a mandate to provide services which suit the fast moving generation. Thus, having a ‘Smartphone Network’ will provide the necessary feed to the information hungry people of our generation.

Airtel launched its latest product- Airtel Platinum 3G here in Ahmedabad on 15th October, 2015.

Since I got the opportunity to attend the event, I am writing my first-hand experience about all the benefits they have on offer.

Airtel-Platinum-3G-AhmedabadThe newest launched product, the Platinum 3G will upgrade indoor coverage, improve voice clarity, provide faster internet speeds and has a superior network experience to offer. Not just that, the new Platinum 3G is said to optimize the mobile devices and network engagements in the backend making it a better experience for the customers and also allowing longer battery lives.

Murthy Chaganti, CEO, Gujarat Circle said that Airtel is constantly working towards making a seamless network experience for the customer a reality by consistent innovation and thoughtful investments. He believes that the launch of Platinum 3G is a part of this commitment which in turn will help grow the connectivity of the customers.

With a world class technology intended to deliver a wholesome ‘Smartphone Network’ experience, the launch of Platinum 3G is a step to provide the data savvy customers of Ahmedabad an upper hand while at the same 3G tariffs.

While urging the attendees of the event to definitely try the delicious soup, he said that all the existing 3G customers will automatically be upgraded to Platinum 3G. The coming week, the Airtel team will be spreading the happy news across cities and respective stores.

There was a lot to learn and see at the event. The event also had a kiosk wherein we could get a live experience of platinum 3G.

Now, do you know what the ideal speed of a 3G connection is?

P.S.:- The soup was indeed delicious!

How to Achieve Success with Social PPC?

Are you yet to use the time-tested PPC on social media platforms for the success of your business? Well, it’s a good idea to start NOW. But before you jump on the bandwagon, it’s important to have a plan in place.

What are the keys to success in social PPC?

Here’s a quick look at the important points.

Social Media

Define your target audience

In general, whoever searches for relevant keywords is your audience. But for this purpose, you have to learn a lot more. What is their age? What are their likes and dislikes? What do they do? Where do they live? And lot more things. Isn’t it thrilling?

Identify your goal

You must not start with it just because everyone is. Discover why social PPC is essential for your business. Do you need to generate brand awareness? Do you want to engage more audience? Decide what results you want it to achieve. And once you identify your goal plan Social Media ads for you.

Determine the strategies

The next step is to chalk out a proper PPC plan for the social media channels you are active on. Some things work on some platforms while others don’t. Pay attention to this while you formulate your approach. Make sure you will try to gain maximum output from each Chanel you are focusing on.

Create specific segments

A business may cater to different sections of the audience. If yours is in a similar situation, you need to consider the creation of specific social PPC segments to focus on these separate sections.

Next, you also need to consider what works for the different social media platforms.

For Facebook

AlFB Like Social PPCong with using Facebook custom audiences, take advantage of Facebook lookalike audiences. Creating a larger audience is a good thing, especially for making a successful social media campaign, and utilizing these two ways works wonders.

Right side ads are still there, but they are hardly noticeable anymore. Instead, opt for sponsored posts in the newsfeed. This will be noticed by your target audience much easily than the right side ads.

A picture is worth a thousand words. And for Facebook, this is so true! Test all sorts of images for your sponsored posts to see which work best. And stick to similar ones; if they are good, they’ll capture your audience. While selecting images you also need to consider that Facebook Ads might not allow you to use more text on Images so choose accordingly.

For LinkedIn

LinkedIn PPCUse the targeting options to your advantage. Whether you are targeting a broad category of B2B companies or specific job titles and levels, this can work to your advantage. But keep in mind, targeting the decision-makers will be costly.

You have the choice of sponsored ads and sponsored updates for this platform. While you can opt for either, remember that sponsored updates show up on the newsfeed, and thus have better chances of engagement.

LinkedIn PPC is expensive when compared to what other platforms cost. While you may have to shell out $5 per click, the results are so worth it that most businesses treat it as a necessary expense.

For Twitter

Twitter PPCAgain, you have a choice here; you can target either user accounts or keywords. Pick the one that aligns to your business purpose. If your target is B2C, opt for the one that is relevant to consumer content.

A lead generation card is an attachment in the form of a virtual ‘card’ that comes with a tweet. And with it, users can take any action, such as retweet or favorite, without leaving the platform, enhancing usability.

Cost for Twitter PPC is quite high too, as you have to pay for every engagement. This means not only clicks, but retweet, reply, follow, or even a click on the hashtags, images, links, and so on.

BTW did you tried any Social PPC Campaign and you want to add some more information about that?